Books that I recommend

Brilliantly demonstrates how values make a big difference over time not just intellect only.

A great book that just reinforces the power of OKRs to measure what gets done

Fascinating book on how to build business culture with authenticity and honesty.

Strategy for an enterprise is often interconnected and cannot be thought in isolation.

Learning that I do

Continuous Learning

I have been a member of Institute of Data & Marketing(IDM), London for the last 20 years. I make it a point to do continuous professional development(CPD) through the courses that are available in IDM from time to time.

Online Learning

Online platforms have made learning easy and accessible now. I try to use these resources as they help me learn with a lot of convenience and flexibility. Case-in-Point, I have done a course on Better Leader, Richer Life - A course run by Prof. Stewart Friedman of Wharton School and it immensely helped me get a perspective of where I need to focus and improve.

Subscription-based learning

I am a member of online libraries and also digital magazines - both business, management and technology. I use these resources in an optimal manner to spend time by keeping in touch with new technology trends, business concepts etc. Also, I am subscriber to newsletters, blogs and podcasts and that help me refresh my learning every week without fail.

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