Books that I recommend

Strategy for an enterprise is often interconnected and cannot be thought in isolation.

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Fascinating book on how to build a business culture with authenticity and honesty.

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A great book that just reinforces the power of OKRs to measure what gets done.

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Brilliantly demonstrates how values makes a big difference over time not just intellect only.

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Learning that I do

Continuous Learning

I have been a member of Institute of Data & Marketing(IDM), London for the last 20 years. I make it a point to do continuous professional development(CPD) through the courses that are available in IDM from time to time.

Online Learning

Online platforms have made learning easy and accessible now. I try to use these resources as they help me learn with a lot of convenience and flexibility. Case-in-Point, I have done a course on Better Leader, Richer Life - A course run by Prof. Stewart Friedman of Wharton School and it immensely helped me get a perspective of where I need to focus and improve.

Subscription-based learning

I am a member of online libraries and also digital magazines - both business, management and technology. I use these resources in an optimal manner to spend time by keeping in touch with new technology trends, business concepts etc. Also, I am subscriber to newsletters, blogs and podcasts and that help me refresh my learning every week without fail.

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