Published Articles

From time to time, I have been publishing my thoughts for over two decades through written articles in various business magazines and dailies. I have also jointly written articles with Dr.Ramesh Kumar who is a Professor of Marketing at IIM, Bangalore. Here are some of the articles that I have written that have been published.

Music, Marketing and Mathematics

Music, marketing and mathematics can combine beautifully to create a million possibilities

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Data Privacy

Why India needs to take data privacy seriously.

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Lateral Marketing

Resurrecting demand with lateral marketing

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Videos & Articles

Talking at AIM-AMA Sheth Foundation at IIM Ahmedabad

Here's the lecture that I delivered at the Doctoral Consortium in IIM(A) about how marketing was changing.

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In an Exclusive Conversation with Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & CEO, Greyhound Research

Here I spoke about the fusion of design thinking, technology and analytics in the world of marketing.

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Where the math meets the mad

This is an article that I had written in ET Brand Equity where I argued that in the new world of marketing creative and math will have to coexist.

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GDPR: Who really owns the data

This is an article in Forbes India where I had written that GDPR is a catalyst to put the power of data ownership in the hands of the customer.

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