Unilever launches webisodes

31.07.05 03:13 PM By S.Swaminathan


I got to see the webisodes launched by Levers for its brand - 'I cannot believe, it's not butter' spray. Click here to see it - Sprays of her life. Quite different from what I am used to from Levers.

I think the approach to brand building by traditional soft goods companies seems to be changing. I am sure you will agree that it is very engaging, funny, interesting and has the intrigue. There are no 'product windows' as one is used to from such large marketers.

It kind of creates a lot interest and the way they are  putting the context of the brand's benefit in real life, is very very different from 'on your face' TVC messages of the past.

Just goes to show how consumers tend to become 'mind blind' with traditional advertising ideas and methods if you try too hard. It's time to wake-up to new ways of getting attention and involvement. It's time to break the rules.

Via Adverblog

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