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I was at the Loyalty Summit in Mumbai where I shared my thoughts on how "How IoT is the third age of marketing technology". Here's the presentation.

IoT is truly giving a voice to products! Also, it is changing the way data is getting generated from many products based on usage and giving c...

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I was reading this article by Doc Searls on How do you maximize the help that companies and customers give each other?  It's a lovely commentary of how companies make it difficult & complicated for customers to do business with them but surprisingly companies that use common/similar systems...

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Customer-Intelligence is becoming a competitive advantage in companies. Marketing is increasingly adopting the power of data, analytics & technology as a part of their intelligence-driven customer marketing strategy in addition to traditional marketing investments.

What can we expect as trends in...

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James Cherkoff had written a post a couple of months back:

"... as people increasingly lead their lives online, we have information about what is actually happening in a complex world.  So, for example, instead of mocking-up profiles of typical customers to help guide strategy - we can let ...

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