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While companies and marketers understand the importance & appreciate the value of customer experience, I have often found there are very little studies that quantify the value of the same. Often, there is more intent and less action, as it is difficult to justify the customer experience investme...

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I have been observing, talking and writing about the incredible convergence & power of data, analytics and contextual marketing for marketers for sometime now. Will 2014 see the beginning of this trend & wider adoption?

I believe so and I am starting to see some green shoots around this marke...

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Forrester has released a study that ranks  PC & CE brands basis trust placed by Amercian households. The pride of place seems to be shared by  many Japanese companies. It is interesting to see Korean brands - Samsung and LG getting into this cluster. Microsoft seems to have taken a bea...

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The television sets in India will soon double up as internet access devices if TRAI( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) plans go on track.

ContentSutra writes:

To start with, digital television will be introduced in metros from April.

The TRAI has asked the information and broadcasting ministry to...

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