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Lovely article by Robert E Kelly, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, on what it takes to be a star at work. I really loved the simplicity and easy to understand examples in this article.

For instance, the one on initiative is the best. Customers really love you when they know you go out of th...

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The first step to being customer-centric is building the skill to listen across the company.

I find this to be a very difficult skill to cultivate amongst people.  I also realise this is the root cause of many problems like:

  1. Not listening to a customer's request, when she is trying to explain th...
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I quite like this idea of learning thro' internship. The ancient Indian way was called the "gurukula" system. You have to live with your master to learn crafts like music, vedas etc. There was no formal method of teaching. It was learning by observation, by doing, by helping the master... ...

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Employee attitude many a times make a difference to customer satisfaction and experience. It makes sense to measure employee attitude every quarter. I have always felt we can teach any competency and skill if your employees have the right attitude. "Skills can be taught. Attitude comes from wit...

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