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I often have been wondering off-late how does one define success for data-driven marketing programs - the reason being tons of hours are spent in understanding data, organizing data, cleansing the data make it ready for analysis and then time taken for building insights by analysts, getting organiza...

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The year 2010 is coming to an end and the 2011 marketing plans are being drawn out by CMOs.I have often wondered how are budgets allocated year after year by CMOs and marketing managers. In fact, most CMOs use archiac methods of planning marketing spends? 

  1. How much did I spend last year?
  2. How much...
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I often see a lot of digital marketing specialists treat social media data almost like traffic lights- a kind of sentiment monitor - Red, green and amber - here are the positive scores, negative scores etc. I wonder what marketing actionability does such visualization and presentation give to market...

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With  zillions of data points becoming available in organizations today, there has been a lot of buzz around the following:

  1. Using analytics in marketing campaigns driving relevance, immediacy, reducing wastage and optimizing spends
  2. Making marketing more accountable using the power of data that's ...
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