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I was at the Loyalty Summit in Mumbai where I shared my thoughts on how "How IoT is the third age of marketing technology". Here's the presentation.

IoT is truly giving a voice to products! Also, it is changing the way data is getting generated from many products based on usage and giving c...

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I was reading Bill Lee's  HBR blog article on Marketing is dead. Quite an evocative headline, I must say. We have either heard or seen such headlines for example - CRM is dead, Long live CRM!

So, I wanted to get away from the hyperbole to the real message or take-out there from his article....

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I recently received a mail from my favourite airline Jet Airways, that I have been downgraded! I am a member of their loyalty program for years now! And this is not the first time this has happened to me. It also happened in 2001 and 2002 too.

The letter read - "...since you have not had enough ...

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We all know the mobile will become the centre of what consumers do. In the recently concluded Mobile Future Summit, the impact of this device has been summarized quite well. There were several good speakers and here is the essence of what some of them had to say:

Steve David, was a keynote speaker. ...

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I was just reading an interesting Location-based Marketing(LBM) promotion by Pepsi called Pepsi Loot. It's a great customer marketing example by a leading soft goods marketer like Pepsi. The fun in combining digital marketing with data, distribution reach, loyalty, customer engagement & customer...

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