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I was reading a very interesting article by Don Peppers on the Untapped Value of Customer Complaints. I thought it was a lovely piece which brought out some very important points on this topic in a brilliant manner.

  • If you feel a company has wronged you in some way, then you’ll be examining ever...
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At the tone, leave a message.....When was the last time you logged into your voice mail box and checked the messages in it? Increasingly, more and more consumers rarely check their voice mail. Consumer don't have the time, it seems, to hear long voice mail messages, they would rather respond to peop...

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It's always interesting to see how marketers struggle to gain the attention of customers. Even after spending big bucks on marketing/promotions, some products catch the attention and some don't . This led me to think what makes customers lap-up certain product concepts even if they don't buy it the ...

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Destination CRM has an interesting article this trend. The article highlights the following facts:

Recent research from Gartner analyst Michael Maoz predicts that by the year 2012, 30 percent of investments in CRM will be via software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Gartner research indicates that the increase...

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Being a resident of Mumbai in India,  the last 3 days since the blasts and terror attack have been traumatic for the citizens in Mumbai.

Such a crisis also brings to light brands and companies that really care for you. This is the time that you realize many companies pay lip service to customer...

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