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Joe Tripodi, Sr VP and CMO of Allstate Insurance at the ANA conference:

  • Working with vendors, not partners
  • Getting devoured by the bureaucracy dragon
  • Waiting for perfection
  • Working on an island
  • Getting caught in the headlights
  • Chasing the "Holy Grail"
  • Believing your own BS

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I just got to read a brilliant article( Download mktgmanifesto.pdf ) by Mohanbir Sawhney on what ails marketing and how to fix it. If marketing professionals have to change the way he suggests, then as client and account managers, our language too has to change quickly.

Some key points to think abou...

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For luxury brands, traditional advertising formats - Press, TVCs are falling into the  trap of  'Law of diminishing returns', I guess.

Target consumers are aware of the brand benefits  of these luxury  brands as they have been around for decades but are seeking to 'experience 'th...

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I went to the launch of the Harry Potter Book (Harry Potter & the Half -Blood Prince)   at Crossword, a leading bookstore,  in Mumbai. This was a brilliant case of PR, WOM, Event and experential marketing rolled into one. 

Crossword was buzzing with parents and kids. Kids wer...

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Marketing, according to Dipak Jain, Dean of Kellogg School of Management has to move over  from 4Ps and focus on 3Cs - Convenience, Choice and Control as customer experience becomes the single important differentiator for brands.

I think this is an important shift that he is predicting for the ...

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I had written yesterday about the fact that marketing managers must begin to work like product design managers.

Kotler's tips on marketing success seems to be suggesting a similar thing.  I quite liked the example of America's best selling imported beer. It's Corona. He cites this as an example...

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There's no better way to build a brand than to get your customers involved and engaged. If they spend time with your brand, give them their ideas on what one could do, why will they even switch and go to another brand?

Levis encourages customers to write back if they have done interesting things wit...

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