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I read a fairly provocative article by MIT's  Michael Schrage on Why your Analytics are failing you in the HBR Blog.

I totally agree with Scharage's perspective in the article. Today, there is a hyper-sensitivity & hyper-activity in enterprises about analytics and putting it to use quickly ...

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I have been reading a lot of blogs, views of consultants & research reports over the last couple years on the growing need for marketing automation in companies to manage customers better.

This is an irony that has always suprised me - the companies that have made the marketing automation investm...

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Here's an interesting perspective on relationship visualization by threeminds.

The key point that's being made is that now-a-days data, files, transactions, access and usage by customers is a lot more real time.  How can one get to know the behaviour and relationships between various dimensions...

06.07.08 10:40 AM - Comment(s)

Frank Capek drew my attention to a recent report  on how customers & devoting signifcant executive time on managing customers will be central focus of CEOs during 2008 (Report)

From the executive summary:

”The first theme is that this may be a year in which there is renewed vigor around the c...

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