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I read a fairly provocative article by MIT's  Michael Schrage on Why your Analytics are failing you in the HBR Blog.

I totally agree with Scharage's perspective in the article. Today, there is a hyper-sensitivity & hyper-activity in enterprises about analytics and putting it to use quickly ...

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I have been reading a lot of blogs, views of consultants & research reports over the last couple years on the growing need for marketing automation in companies to manage customers better.

This is an irony that has always suprised me - the companies that have made the marketing automation investm...

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Here's an interesting perspective on relationship visualization by threeminds.

The key point that's being made is that now-a-days data, files, transactions, access and usage by customers is a lot more real time.  How can one get to know the behaviour and relationships between various dimensions...

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Frank Capek drew my attention to a recent report  on how customers & devoting signifcant executive time on managing customers will be central focus of CEOs during 2008 (Report)

From the executive summary:

”The first theme is that this may be a year in which there is renewed vigor around the c...

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I have been coming across some interesting quotes (which resonate a lot & appeal to me) as building blocks towards creating a customer-centric organization. There is no one formula but I thought I will blog about them (as and when I find them), aggregate them here so as to serve as a resource fo...

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Recently, I had a written a post about new media getting the attention of marketers. In fact, I had mentioned there that I hated the use of the word non-traditional media and called it convergent media.

Looks like radio stations are fast adopting convergent media strategies. NY Times has an interest...

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Much has been written about the power of blogs and its power to shape customer opinion. Measuring the business impact of blogs is an area of great interest to me. Some key questions I often ask myself are:

  • Is blogging an island without too many inhabitants - Is it a niche waiting to get mainstream?
  • Do...
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