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Joseph Jaffe makes some incredible points in his new book Flip The Funnel.

Most industries really forget existing customers in their strive to grow market share through new acquisitions. For example, the auto industry is no exception. He makes some fantastic points on how Automotive industry must fo...

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I had blogged sometime back about Dripvertising in 2007 and recently it was interesting to read an article on Drip Marketing Campaigns by Peppers & Rogers. They shared many of the views that I had shared in that post. I certainly believe the future of marketing is doing more and more of drip mar...

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I have never seen this before - an agreement between the customer and the company.

It just outlines beautifully the organization-wide mission that employees have to adopt and the interesting twist is how customers agree to behave with  or treat the company!  I believe this makes imminent s...

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Tim O' Reilly tweeted about an interesting interactive feature on NY Times on using the popular movies rented data on Netflix by neighborhoods and zipcodes in the US! It's a lovely little application that tells movies marketers the kind of preferences consumers have had in 2009. 


This made me re...

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Trendwatching has come out with interesting consumer trends for 2010. One thing that caught my attention was - Tracking & Alerting as an important trend for 2010.

I think this trend provides a huge opportunity for companies wanting to take advantage of data-led marketing for their products or se...

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