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How many phones do you have today? An office phone, your mobile phone, your home phone  plus a phone or two more for different reasons, I guess and when you multiply this with all the friends and contacts you have in your phone book, life looks really complicated when you want to contact somebo...

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Looks like if you have the right mindset and not willing to get bogged down, even a boring, age old wallet that we carry, can get a makeover.

Jimi™ wallet is a compact, water resistant and colorful alternative to that stodgy, old wallet that attracts old receipts and out of date library cards like a...

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Peter Davidson writes:

 Beverages Programmable

The 20th century was all about standardization, the 21st century will be all about user customization. Technology has developed to the point where there is no reason why products, services and experiences need to be the same for everyone. Why should my Pepsi taste just like you...

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Here are some brain exercise tips from Dave Pollard

Few of the tips include:

  1. Reconnect with your intution
  2. Reconnect with your senses
  3. Use analogies and metaphors
  4. Learn something outside your comfort zone

and there's more. Read on.


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I have often wondered with best of the brains and talent working in large organizations, why is that they lack the innovation edge. I have always been suprised how local businessmen or young start-up companies innovate so easily. And how is that organizations that were once touted as being innovativ...

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Businesss Week has come out with a new cover story  on Creativity & Innovation.

Also, got to read in the same issue about fuseproject a great design firm and its brilliant philosophy. Look at what he has to say about Mini Cooper. He says it's not about the car but about the driver's lifestyl...

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