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Read an extremely good article in ET friday last. Written by Verne Harnish, he says:

What is the underlying handful of fundamentals that drive everything else that’s important in business? What is still fundamental today in building a successful firm that hasn’t changed for over a hundred years? Tom ...

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Seattle times has a great article on how  some libraries have adapted to changing consumer lifestyles and technology innovations that have been happening around them. The web has literally changed the way information has become available and shared by consumers. Some libraries have therefore mo...

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Richard Taylor writes in BBC News:

Two-thirds of Japan's population - about 80 million people - are using their mobiles in ways which would make the rest of us gasp in astonishment.

In Japan, another string has been recently been added to the mobile bow with the launch of electronic books and comics ...

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Here's a lovely post from Tom Peters:

"..if you really want to "put the customer first," put the people who serve the customer "more first." "

He refers to a good book that one might want to read on this - The customer comes second

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Great customer management is about building a culture of commitment, learning, passion and an unsatiable need to collaborate. Here are some laws that all of us should practice, if we want to build a focussed customer-centric organization. These  laws are from a book called Lifetime Growth.


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