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I often wonder as we have access to more or more information, why is it that it is getting more and more difficult to take decisions ? Jeffery Phillips had a very interesting perspective on the same.Jeffery writes:

"I spotted a statement on a whiteboard that's stuck with me for a few days. ...

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Michael Lowenstein has some nice advice on how employees can drive customer loyalty:

..most managers and executives in almost every company, are familiar with the terms "employee satisfaction" and "employee engagement." Not so familiar, though, is employee commitment.

Employee sat...

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One of the effects of a globalized economy and the degree to which cultural sharing has taken place through mass consumer culture is that consumers learn more about the customs and popular art forms of other nations, making viable a degree of mass cultural sharing that has never been accomplished on...

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Xerox has come out with a great customer innovation.Take a look:

Inspired by the fact that many print outs have a life-span of a few hours (think of the emails you may print out just to read, or the content you proof read on the train journey back home), the specifically prepared paper will preserve ...

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The Indian bloggers have come together to unconference, as they call it, on Sep 9 & 10. The conference is happening in Chennai and there is also an opportunity to participate virtually. The conversation topics are:

  • Blogging and Governance - How blogs are being used to provide assistance during ti...
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