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Enemy Within the Company Syndrome. Look for ones around you.

I am not sure if you have faced this syndrome. I have faced this myself wherever I have worked and even when I started my own firm. What I found was people like these - whom I call 'Enemy within the Company' - who pass-on their insecurity or doubts to people who are working around them. There may be...

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Data confidentiality and privacy is a primary right which Indian consumer needs to demand, as the economy becomes more and more digitally driven.

Data privacy and protection is a fundamental foundation for an emerging data-driven economy like India. Permission marketing will be the next battleground ...

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Jackie Huba is one of my favourite thought leaders in the area of customer-engaged marketing. Listening to her can give us great inspiration and a lot of ideas on how to get our customers involved with our brands.

Jackie Hub...

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In a new series of posts from this month, I will  start writing about what makes people behind successful companies do it the way they have gone out and done things. Things that have changed the company, the culture and of course their customers' lives too. 

Here's first in the series, an ...

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Springwise has this post on Women only Bank:

Austria's first bank for women was recently opened by Raiffeisen in the ski resort town of Gastein. The concept was developed in association with Emotion Banking, which conducted extensive studies about women and finances, and how they interact with banks....

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Unilever has launched Choices, a front of pack logo programme designed to help consumers identify packaged foods and beverages that offer a healthier choice.

The front of pack logo is designed to help consumers choose foods that have limited amounts of trans fats, saturated fats, sodium and sugars.


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WFNX/Boston, flagship station for the WFNX Radio Network and Snapple have announced a landmark partnership that will see the heritage Modern Rocker broadcast commercial-free for 40 days as part of a unique "brandcasting" initiative.

Short messages and event announcements will be seamlessly...

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If you are manager 1.0, get ready to change or be sure to be left behind.

thro'  Kathy Sierra

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Business Week has this story on Steve Jobs. Here are some excerpts:

So what is Jobs' secret? There are many, but it starts with focus and a near-religious faith in his strategy. For years, Jobs plugged away at Apple with his more proprietary approach, not worrying much about Wall Street's complaints.


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Robing Good writes:

  • Traditional marketing methods are losing their grip
  • Consumers themselves have changed beyond recognition
  • The term Mass-Media threatens to become an oxymoron.
  • In a survey conducted by the Financial Times Creative Business the findings were that:


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